Eco-friendly Takeaway Packaging For Summer

Whether it’s a freshly made smoothie in the park or a coffee on the high street, food and drinks vendors will need the right eco-friendly takeaway packaging this summer.

Summer is right around the corner, and with more freedom to hit the park for a picnic or to head into town for a refreshing beverage or two, it’s the perfect time for food and drinks vendors to capitalise on the increased footfall around their stalls.

While restaurants, bars and other food and drinks outlets will eventually be able to host its guests indoors as usual, there will still be a large percentage of patrons who’ll want to take their refreshments away with them.

This, of course, means that vendors will need plenty of eco-friendly packaging for their various takeaway products. So what is the best eco-friendly takeaway packaging for the summer months ahead?

The Best Eco-friendly Takeaway Packaging for Summer

No matter what refreshments you’re serving, eco-friendly packaging will impress your customers, helping generate brand awareness, recognition, loyalty and advocacy. It’ll help prove to consumers that your business is doing everything it can to protect the environment, helping you tap into the unrestricted growth of the eco-conscious market while preserving the planet’s resources.

Some of the best sustainable packaging options for summer include:

  1. Clear Biodegradable Eco Cups

These transparent cups are great for all kinds of cold drinks that’ll provide your customers with the ultimate guilt-free refreshment on a hot summer’s day. From smoothies and fresh juices to milkshakes and iced coffees, all of our cold beverage containers are made from a clear bioplastic –– manufactured using plants instead of oil — making them 100% biodegradable and the perfect choice for your environmentally aware business.

Available in a range of sizes — and with a range of flat or domed lids — you can switch up your serving style depending on the kind of drinks your customers purchase, giving you some added versatility behind the drinks counter.

  1. Eco-friendly Ice Cream Tubs

It’s not summer without ice cream, so serve up some delicious scoops with extra sustainability. Made from paperboard coated in PLA bioplastic, our eco-friendly ice cream cups are biodegradable, compostable and perfectly suited to all kinds of ice cream. Clear recyclable lids are also available, which are ideal for takeaway orders.

Give your customers something to use to tuck into their delightful treats with our range of eco-friendly cutlery — including eco ice cream spoons — available in various styles to match your brand’s aesthetic.

  1. Sustainable Coffee Cups

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate or any other hot beverages can keep you hydrated on a summer’s day. Even though it might be warm outside, you’ll likely get your fair share of hot drinks orders. It’s often debated whether or not a hot drink can cool you down, but whatever you believe, it’s important to have the right eco-friendly takeaway options on the menu.

All of our coffee cups and lids have the same characteristics and functionality as your average, non-sustainable takeaway products, but they have the added benefit of being 100% recyclable and biodegradable, giving your customers every opportunity to dispose of their cups responsibly.

  1. Paper Bags and Cardboard Food Carriers

From sandwich bags for freshly prepared savoury snacks to gable boxes for the ultimate picnic experience, we’ve got you covered. All of our food carriers are biodegradable, meaning that your customers don’t have to fret about recycling the packaging if it gets spoiled.

With a range of cost-effective SOS paper bags, twisted handle bags and grab bags — all available in an array of sizes and styles — you can give your customers exactly what they need to take away their food and drinks without coming into contact with plastic or worrying about hygiene.

  1. Environmentally Friendly Extras

Sometimes it’s the extra bits and pieces you need that tip the balance from being eco-friendly to not-so-eco-friendly. Our paper straws and compostable drinks holders can keep your drinks orders flowing without affecting your reputation as an environmentally conscious business, while our compostable condiments sachets help to mitigate non-biodegradable waste at a granular level.

Not everyone carries around their own reusable spork or has a handkerchief handy, so stocking up on super sustainable wooden cutlery and eco napkins will enhance your customer’s takeaway experience.

Custom Packaging for Takeaway Products

Since all takeaway outlets are keen on making a strong comeback as soon as the national lockdown is lifted, why not make a splash with some brand new custom packaging? Give your customers something to shout about with a new design that’ll attract all the right attention. At such a crucial time, don’t leave the success of your takeaway business to chance and invest in personalised packaging that’ll set your brand apart.

Whatever packaging you need, get your summer off to a great start with packaging products that won’t harm the environment. Your customers will love your eco-friendly approach and the planet will thank you too. With so much to look forward to in the coming months, cementing your brand’s success the sustainable way with the best green packaging available.

Looking to stock up on the best eco-friendly takeaway packaging ahead of a busy summer? Explore our online shop and buy high-quality, biodegradable cups, containers and much more online today.