Everything You Need to Know about Our Biodegradable Ice Cream Tubs

Our biodegradable ice cream tubs launched in 2018 and vendors have been serving sustainable ice cream ever since. Here’s everything you need to know to make sustainability cool.

biodegradable ice cream tubs

How Sustainable Are These Ice Cream Cups?


Rest easy knowing these ice cream tubs tick all waste boxes: 


– Biodegradable — Most ice cream tubs are lined with a thin layer of plastic to stop the card from crinkling when the contents of your tub melt. This practice instantly makes a product non-biodegradable. Our version of compostable ice cream tub gives customers the same level of protection, yet with a plant-based barrier. We use Ingeo™ PLA to line the surface, so your experience is supportive and sustainable. Ingeo™ PLA is a form of bioplastic used in many of our products where flexibility and transparency matter. 

– Recyclable — Removing all forms of plastic from a product makes these ice cream tubs easily recyclable. Although this is a single-use product — unless you’re keen on immediate second servings — its materials can be recycled, so the remains of your sweet treat don’t end up stuck in a landfill. 

– Compostable — That’s right, our biodegradable ice cream tubs are so natural they’ll be accepted in a composting facility. This isn’t to be confused with your household compost bin (where veggies and fruit peels lie) — you’ll have to commercially compost these leftovers so that the tailored treatment can break down the PLA coating. 

We’re proud of these A+ waste credentials and you should be too. We make it easy for your customers to get the latest sustainable scoop by printing a disclaimer on these products that reads, “This tub is fully biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.” 

What Serving Sizes Will Fit? 

These conscientious cups are available in 3oz, 4oz, 5oz and 8oz sizes. 

These four sizes cater to most appetites, so as a vendor you’re covered. For context, most major ice cream brands serve scoops somewhere between 4 and 6 ounces as Good Housekeeping put to the test

Plus, you won’t want to serve anything much larger than this when you check out the average nutritional value of a Baskin-Robbins 4oz scoop (seriously, it equates to 25% of your daily fat allowance in an average 2,000 calorie diet). Perhaps that 8oz cup will work best as a sweet to share! 

Are These Containers Just for Ice Cream? 

Although ice cream is the most common use, you can easily repurpose these ice cream containers for other sweet treats with a bit of imagination. Here are some dishes we suggest: 

– Frozen Yoghurts — Froyo is trending right now because of its likeness to ice cream and the fact it’s way healthier than a classic 99. Those who are lactose intolerant can also enjoy frozen yoghurt if it uses plant-based alternatives. When frozen, yoghurt has a similar consistency to ice cream and is a lighter, smoother snack for when you’re verging on the edge of a food coma. 

– Nuts — Chopped walnuts, pecans and almonds are perfect as ice cream or yoghurt topping, but they’re also a hit when served solo. Those with less of a sweet tooth may prefer nuts and berries as a grazing portion that promises a natural (and manageable) sugar high. 

– Confectionary — If you’re looking to sell snacks that don’t require fancy equipment, filling these tubs with confectionary items is a quick way to make a buck. You’ll have the backing of big-name chocolate and sweet brands and you’ll be oozing with pick n’ mix nostalgia. 

– Desserts — If you’re dishing out desserts, you can make plating up simple for those on the go with our ice cream tubs. Add brownies, cookie dough or cake to ice cream for a truly decadent experience. 

Delivery FAQs about our Biodegradable Ice Cream Tubs

– What quantity are the ice cream tubs sold in? We sell all sizes of biodegradable ice cream tubs in boxes of 1,000. We sell in quantities substantial enough for a demanding business yet small enough to cater for standalone events. Hungry for more? You can always contact us for larger orders

– How fast will my tubs arrive? Great news. Your tubs will arrive before your ice cream melts! These products are all available with next day delivery when selected at checkout. Last-minute party planning? Surges in demand at the start of Spring? We understand. That’s why we’ll never make you wait more than twenty-four hours to get restocked. 

– Why is my order delayed? Your order might take longer than usual if you’ve requested our branding service. This is because we’ll be creating and shipping bespoke products that aren’t readily available in our warehouse. Trust us — these unique products are worth the wait. 

Serve snacks perfect for hot temperatures with packaging that cools our climate. Shop our entire range of ice cream cups and eco tubs.

Why not give us a try today? Enquire Now!

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