Custom Ice Cream Packaging

Want eco ice cream tubs that are great quality and stylish? Look no further. Use our custom builder to design your snack-sterpiece.

Eco Ice Cream Tubs

We’re helping UK businesses to serve sustainable scoops with our totally eco ice cream tubs.

These tubs are made from heavyweight paperboard and coated on the interior with PE.

Unlike other eco ice cream tubs, these paper cups won’t fall apart on you, leak your favourite ice cream or result in a sticky mess. We use heavyweight paperboard to give the tubs durability and coat the inner with PE. PE coating creates an ideal barrier against frost, liquid and condensation. Even after your icecream melts these tubs will stay sturdy.

Say no to sodden ice cream paper cups and hello to better customer experience.

Thanks to our eco ice cream tubs, you can care about your icecream experience and the environment equally.

All tubs are available with or without paper or plastic lids.

Custom Design

We make creating custom ice cream packaging easy with our custom builder and in-house design team.

Effective Promotion

Branding your ice cream packaging is a savvy way to advertise, allowing customers to share your details on social.

Design Support

Try our in-house design service if you want some expert help in creating your perfect ice cream containers.

Standby Storage

We’ll store and distribute your bespoke designs, so you don’t have to wait longer than usual for delivery.

Create Your Own Printed Ice Cream Tubs Design

Let everyone know your ice cream packaging is sustainable or ask them to follow you on socials. Whatever your reason to add a design to your paper cups, you can do it on this web page.
We recommend adding your brand name, company logo and email address to start as these elements will really help your ice cream packaging to pop.

Simply upload an image, crop and reposition to create custom ice cream packaging your competitors will be jealous of. Once you get your prototype perfect, fill in the form below and send an enquiry. We’ll print your design on the paper cup using non-toxic veggie-based inks.

Classic Ice Cream Tub

Classic Scoop Tubs

Keep it simple with these ice cream cups that work just as well for frozen yoghurt and other confectionaries.

Spoon In Lid Ice Cream Tub

Spoon in Lid Tubs

Give your customers a luxury takeaway experience matching that of Ben & Jerrys and Häagen-Dazs.


All of your tubs can be printed in full colour and we use the highest resolution possible to ensure the artwork on your printed ice cream tub stands out. Our design team can create professional artwork for your business or work with your existing designs.

Stock Products

Takeaway packaging hold in stock a range of ice cream tubs, available for next day delivery. We also supply napkins, lids and spoons.

Get in touch to find out more.


Want to create custom packaging for your entire menu? Contact our design team today.