Frozen Yoghurt anyone?

Summer is a time for ice cream! But unfortunately, not everyone loves ice cream as much as we do at Takeaway Packaging. We wanted to make sure there’s somewhere for everyone to visit this summer. So, moving on from Ice Cream, here are our favourite Frozen Yoghurt parlours in the UK, along with some facts to keep you amused!

A little bit about Frozen Yoghurt

Frozen Yoghurt, also known as ‘Froyo’ or ‘Frogurt’ is a frozen dessert made from yoghurt and often other dairy products and non-dairy products. Frozen Yoghurt is usually slightly lighter and sharper than ice cream, it’s also far lower in fat due to the use of milk instead of cream. tart
Frozen Yoghurt usually consists of milk solids, a sweetener, milk fat, yoghurt culture, natural/artificial flavouring, and in some cases, natural or artificial colouring.

5 Facts About Frozen Yoghurt

1. Frozen Yoghurt is lower in fat than Ice Cream
2. Frozen Yoghurt looks great in our new biodegradable EcoBowls
3. It was invented in the late 70s, in New England
4. You can purchase Frozen Yoghurt in powdered form
5. Google’s 2010 Android release was code named “Froyo”

ecobowl - yogurt take away

Our Favourite Frozen Yoghurt Parlours in the UK

Here are some great places to get Frozen Yoghurt around the UK! Let us know if we’ve missed any.


“Your next Snog is just around the corner!” – Snog

Snog is a popular frozen yoghurt chain, get yours in-store, or at all major supermarkets.

Visit Snog


“…we aim to bring you top quality, low fat, pro and pre-biotic frozen yogurt all year round.” – The Yog Bar

The Yog have two branches in Wirral & in Liverpool, they are very popular and pride themselves in serving ‘fat free’ yoghurt!

Visit The YOG


“We aim to enhance the quality of our products in the most environmentally friendly way. We don’t want to exhaust natural resources and we therefore follow a number of different processes in order to make Yorica! as sustainable as possible.” – Yorica!

We really love this brand’s ethical approach to frozen yoghurt, be sure to check them out.

Visit Yorica!

Pinkberry London

Pinkberry serve ice cold treats to takeaway with countless toppings and sauces. They also offer smoothies and other cold beverages. Try their ‘So Classic’ flavours, which include Pomegranate and Chocolate Hazelnut.

Visit Pinkberry London

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