From Surf to Serve: Sustainable Seafood Packaging for Shoal
Shoal Fish & Chip Bag copy

Shoal, a traditional British seafood restaurant nestled in Winchester, came to the team at Takeaway Packaging in search of bespoke twisted-handle paper bags and specialised fish and chips boxes. Renowned for their commitment to serving fresh and sustainable seafood, Shoal wanted eco-friendly packaging to align with their core ethos.

Read on to learn how we crafted a tailored solution to keep their delectable fish and chips fresh and perfectly sustainable.

The Challenge

Shoal approached Takeaway Packaging with the requirement for custom packaging that reflected their dedication to sustainability. The unique challenge presented was the need for food-grade packaging that maintained the freshness and integrity of their food offerings while creating a customised design that aligned with their brand. 

As fish and chips have a high oil content, it was also necessary for the packaging to be greaseproof to prevent leakages during transport while still maintaining full recyclability. Typical fish and chip packaging often faces challenges when it comes to recycling due to high grease absorption, so this was a key hurdle that needed addressing.

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The Approach

Shoal had three key goals in mind for their packaging: maintaining food freshness, increasing sustainability and maintaining brand consistency. With this in mind, we worked closely to create a solution that kept their food in pristine condition and met their budget and timeframe and stood out in a competitive market. Here’s how we did it:

Types of Packaging Used

Shoal opted for twisted-handle paper bags made from 80% recycled materials, which are completely compostable after use. This ensured that customers could easily dispose of their packaging without the guilt that comes with non-biodegradable options. The reinforced handle means that they’re stronger than standard paper bags, making them ideal for heavier and larger orders.

The fish and chip takeaway boxes featured a unique design, utilising virgin Kraft paper on the inside. This approach ensures that our boxes are food-grade and safe for direct contact with food. Plus, this design enhances grease resistance, as the tighter-packed fibres in the paper make it a lot harder for the grease to penetrate the box. Made with 73% recycled paper, the fish and chip boxes can be recycled or composted, and they’re also biodegradable, giving their customers plenty of options for sustainable disposal.

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Printing Methods

We used offset printing using contrasting colours and natural elements like fishtails, coral and seaweed to accentuate Shoal’s brand. This gave the packaging a striking appearance and put Shoal’s dedication to responsibly sourced and seasonal fish front and centre.

Shoal Fish & Chip Bag copy

The Result

Our collaboration with Shoal helped them meet their sustainability goals and boosted their brand’s visibility through the power of custom packaging. The unique design and eco-friendly materials enhanced Shoal’s image, contributing to a positive customer experience whilst helping them stand out in a crowded market. 

What Shoal Had to Say:

“Positive quote from the client about Takeaway Packaging’s service.” 

Branded Packaging for Your Business

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Brilliant Branded Packaging for Mór Bakehouse
Mor Bakehouse Blog image

Nestled in the heart of Edinburgh lies Mór Bakehouse, a culinary gem celebrated for its homemade delights. With three locations across the city, the bakery, deli and coffee shop prides itself on its delicious pastries, pies, sausage rolls, and freshly made wraps and baguettes, made with only the best locally sourced Scottish ingredients. Their coffee deserves an honourable mention, too — serving their own artisanal blend from local coffee roasters. 

In 2022, Mór Bakehouse approached the team at Takeaway Packaging as they wanted a branded packaging experience that resonated with their brand. We were all too happy to deliver on competitive prices, fast delivery, and a commitment to eco-friendly products that met and exceeded the demands of Mór Bakehouse’s thriving business.

Keep reading to learn how we collaborated and helped craft distinctive branded packaging for bakery products that are as practical as they are useful.

What Packaging Does a Bakery and Deli Need?

With a diverse range of food and drink available for takeaway and delivery services like Deliveroo and Just Eat, Mór Bakehouse needs a variety of bakery packaging to keep their food fresh and easy to eat while on the go. Let’s dive in and take a look:

Coffee Cups:


Coffee cups are essential for any coffee shop, and choosing to brand them is a clever, low-cost way to introduce branded packaging to your business. Mór Bakehouse chose a simple yet eye-catching style of a black coffee cup with their brand name in contrasting bold white letters to the front, making it instantly recognisable.

If you’re looking for branded coffee cups for your business, It’s super easy to order from us. Delivery is fast, and the quality of our sustainable cups is second to none. You can even choose from white or black eco-friendly lids to complement any style.

Shop Branded Coffee Cups

Greaseproof Paper


Mór Bakehouse uses printed greaseproof paper to line trays for sweet and savoury delights and wrap other takeout items like toasties, burgers and muffins. For this product, they opted for white paper, and their brand name and logo are in black, dotted across the paper. This simple yet distinguishable design means that their brand is always right and centre when customers are enjoying their tasty treats. 

Printed greaseproof paper is another fast and effective way to showcase your brand in-store and when selling takeouts. As an added benefit, it’s even 100% biodegradable.

Shop Printed Greaseproof Paper



Branded stickers can be used to unify your off-the-shelf packaging and are often a great starting point for small businesses looking to implement branded items. We love Mór Bakehouse’s choice to print their logo in sticker form and how they use it to add an identifiable touch to otherwise plain sandwich bags and bakery packaging.  

Stickers are so versatile that they can be applied to cups, bowls, sandwich bags, takeout bags and food containers. Not to mention, they’re also cost-effective!

Shop Branded Stickers

Greaseproof Bags


Greaseproof bags are a convenient way to dish up freshly baked goods, hot pasties or warm baguettes. Mór Bakehouse put their brand front and centre with white greaseproof bags and a large black logo showing everyone exactly where they can get the tastiest treats in town. 

While minimum order quantities are higher than the products above, they prove cost-effective when ordered in bulk and are a great marketing tool for your business. 

Contact Us to Order Printed Greaseproof Bags

Kraft Bowls


Kraft bowls are perfect for serving up Mór Bakehouse’s fresh and healthy pasta and salads. They can be used for both hot and cold foods, making them a highly versatile solution for their many delicious food options. 

Kraft bowls look stylish on their own, thanks to their rustic and modern appeal, but we think they look even better printed with the Mór Bakehouse logo, which ties in with the rest of their takeaway packaging perfectly.

Contact Us to Order Branded Kraft Bowls

Takeaway Packaging and Mór Bakehouse: A Year On

We’re delighted to still be working with the team at Mór Bakehouse a year later. We now supply a comprehensive range of branded and non-branded packaging and have gone above and beyond to meet the needs of their growing business.  

What Mór Bakehouse Has to Say:

“Takeaway Packaging are the best in the business; they have assisted us with all of our packaging needs at Mór Bakehouse. I would highly recommend their team to all business owners.“  – JM Mór Bakehouse

Branded Packaging for Your Business

At Takeaway Packaging, we’re proud to offer a broad spectrum of low-cost, low-volume branded options, a wide range of keenly priced off-the-shelf packaging and competitive unit costs for high-volume branded food and drink packaging.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do; that’s why all our packaging options benefit from being plastic-free and are recyclable, compostable or biodegradable, and we only print using vegetable-based inks. With our packaging for bakery products, not one crumb will be left behind when your customers are finished with your food and beverages, not even the packaging they came in.

Get in touch with us today and start your branded packaging journey. We’re here to help you create a memorable packaging experience that enhances your brand identity. 

Delivering New Packaging Marketplace for Sessions
Sessons Blog Featured Image

At the beginning of this year, we partnered with Seamlessly to deliver a new packaging marketplace for food scout Sessions.

Sessions brings new and exciting talent to neighbourhoods by giving founder-led brands a platform to develop and scale their businesses.  Sessions champions new brands and together with Takeaway Packaging provide their kitchen network with an easy ordering platform that offers eco-friendly and competitively priced food and drink packaging for the takeaway market.

What is a Packaging Marketplace?

Working closely with Seamlessly, we created a dedicated website for Sessions and their brands.  Its purpose; To house a catalogue of high-quality and sustainable food and drinks packaging.  A platform which benefits their kitchen network with everything in one place, competitively priced, good quality and eco-friendly.  Products include everything needed for takeaway or delivery, including sauce pots, burger boxes, snack boxes, takeaway bags, greaseproof paper and cutlery. 

Each brand has a dedicated page with an easy-to-use system – in just a few clicks they can log in, view previous orders and stock up on all their packaging needs. We’ve also created popular ‘bundles’ to make the ordering even faster for busy kitchens.

What Happens Behind the Scenes?

Takeaway Packaging are responsible for the smooth running of the Sessions marketplace.  This includes:

  • Managing stock levels, ensuring continuity of product availability
  • Order processing including pick, pack, and despatch for next day delivery
  • Customer service help and advise to both Sessions and their partners
  • Manufacture and supply of a range of branded packaging
  • Content upload including new products, brands and bundles
  • General website maintenance

Branded Packaging for Sessions’ Partners

Here are a few examples of branded packaging we have produced for some of the Sessions brands.  Popular products are grab bags, stickers, greaseproof paper and flyers, which are used alongside our range of off-the-shelf packaging like cups, containers and bowls.

You can find out more about branded packaging on the links below:

Paper Cups

Ice Cream Tubs & Bowls

Food Boxes & Carriers


Paper Bags

Greaseproof Paper

A Note from Sessions

“We’re always looking for ways to simplify the onboarding process for our partners and this has solved an important part of operations for us. With over 100 kitchens in our network, we needed a simple platform for operators to be able to order packaging and we’re very happy with the sustainable solution we’ve created with Seamlessly and Takeaway Packaging.”

Dan Warne, CEO, Sessions

If you would like to find out more about our additional services or would like to work with us on an individual project like this, please contact us for a chat.

Mon Chai; Warming the Hearts of Norwich
Mon Chai Blog Featured image

Mon Chai, famous for their delicious range of chai and snacks, is an award winning cafe in the North East of Norfolk.  Mon Chai was born from a desire to relax and catch up over a cup of chai and their beautiful cafe now welcomes you from 9am to 9pm for breakfast, brunch, snacks, desserts, street food and of course, chai!

Takeaway Packaging has helped this Bengali Cafe to spread the word and get their brand noticed by using eco-friendly branded takeaway packaging. Paper cups, stickers and greaseproof paper, go out the door with every takeaway, subtly increasing brand awareness and recognition as they weave through the streets of Norwich.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of branded takeaway packaging, you can read our blog Packaging in Marketing: Should You Use Branded Takeaway Packaging.

At Takeaway Packaging we choose all our products with the environment in mind, our online shop now boasts over 400 everyday essentials that can be recycled or compostable after use, and we’ve never sold any single-use plastics that will end up in landfill or our oceans.

We offer a free sampling service on all our products, enabling you to try before you buy in bulk. 

For packaging ideas have a read of our article; How to Packaging Takeaway Indian Food to Keep it Hot

Here’s a peak at Mon Chai’s takeaway packaging, which perfectly reflects the warmth of their brand through the use of colour and design.

Not just limited to takeaways, greaseproof paper is often used to showcase food in a cafe or takeaway setting.  You can see below how Mon Chai have used the paper to line their vegan pakora baskets and how they’ve used it for their toast and spicy deep fried pastries to sit on.  

The possibilities for food you can wrap, line and serve on or in branded greaseproof paper are almost endless.   

Get in touch with our friendly team for any questions about our branded or off-the-shelf products.

Marlowe’s Case Study
Branded Takeaway Bags_cups_containers copy

If you’re making burgers made from fully traceable grass fed beef, you’re going to want to shout about it – so why not use your packaging to do just that?

With mouthwatering burgers, sides and irresistible milkshakes on offer, Marlowe’s were ready to take the ‘beef’ by the horns with a new range of branded cups, take out bags, greaseproof paper, food containers and colourfull labels, all of which now proudly tell us a little bit more about Marlowe’s.

Everyone knows the value of adding a logo to your takeaway bags or coffee cups, BUT your food and drinks packaging is a blank canvas and ready for much more than that!

Marlowe’s have cleverly used their packaging to reinforce key messages about their food and encourage customer engagement through social media – a great way to keep their patrons interested and remind them what they’re missing.

If you’re ready to find out more about branded packaging, MOQ’s apply and differ by product.  Just get in touch with the custom packaging team to find out more.

Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary Printed Cartons

We thought we would go back a couple years and take a look at a burger and chip box that we create for a London advertising agency. They asked us to produce a couple of promotional cartons for Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary celebrations.  Ferrari were looking for a chip carton to hold some polenta chips and also mini burger box to take a hamburger. 

These cartons were digitally printed to the highest standard on a 500micron folding box board.  We can supply folding display cartons in both standard and food grade materials and we are BRC certified for the storage of food & non-food grade packaging.  In this case the cartons were to be lined with grease proof paper, which we can also provide in plain or printed with the clients own branding.

This job was produced to a very tight deadline with dates that could not be moved due to the cartons being required at a specific event.  In many cases advertising agencies work with short lead times for their projects. In these cases we will always do everything in our power to meet these deadlines, delivering your boxes on time, every time.

We had the artwork guidelines and the Ferrari logo’s sent to us and for a small additional fee we created a number of  artwork and colour variations for  Ferrari to choose from. 

Within 7 days these promotional printed cartons were designed, die cut, printed, hand glued and delivered in time for the event.  All thanks to the expert knowledge and flexibility of our digital manufacturing unit.

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Gelato Anyone? Scally’s do the best Ice Cream around!
Ice Cream Tubs with lids Scallys of Clonakily

Have you ever heard of a supermarket in Ireland called Scally’s? They are discount supermarket chain specialising in own-brand groceries and Irish produce – Real Food, Real People!

What is it that you have produced?

We have been working with this company for around a year now, we have been working with them to create a branded 16oz tub with a lid to match. This is one case where we created the artwork – we have an amazing in-house design team that will work with us to get the design the customer is looking for. With this design we had to leave a space on each lid so that the customer can add branded stickers for each individual flavour. This is a new product we have created and have been told they are selling well in the small village in Ireland.

Where can I find these tubs?

If you live in Ireland or are heading, there soon then make sure you take a visit to SuperValu Clonakilty – Scally’s. there is everything from meat to fruit and of course gelato!

What are the tubs made from?

The tub and lid are made from food grade board, with a bioplastic (plant based) lining on the inside of the tub. The inks are vegetable based making the product completely biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable.  Our vision is to convert 100% of both our new and existing customers to our sustainable packaging range by 2021.

Were your customers happy with the end result?

Yes, the customer was amazed with the results they have had. Check out his review. “Fantastic service from packaging design, updates, delivery and follow-up to a great finished product. Great customer service from Tina – a pleasure to deal with. 100% recommend them for business.”

Interested in branded Biodegradable Ice Cream Tubs?

We can brand these biodegradable & compostable ice cream tubs with your chosen artwork and in your desired sizes and style. If you are interested in branding these ice cream tubs, please get in touch with us. We offer an extensive branding service to clients, from initial roughs to fully fledged artwork to delivery at your door. You can read about out design services here.

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All You Need to Know About Cannes Lions Award Show?

This event has been called the most creative week of the year! If you are not at Cannes Lions this year, you’ll be playing catch up for the next 12 months. From the 17th – 21st June 2019 this is all anyone will be talking about. It is your annual chance to get the insight and intelligence you need to supercharge your brand for the future.

What is the purpose of this event?

Cannes Lions is the only global event that covers every aspect of how the industry is evolving. There’s nothing else that comes even close. This event is where brands, agencies, media companies and consultancies discover the meaning of creativity and how creative marketing works in the real world!

What will I find at this festival?

You will expect five days of inspiration, meetings, discoveries and talks tackling big issues and real-life problems head on in stimulating and pragmatic ways. Every moment is aimed to provide you with tools and knowledge to improve business performance and results in marketing creativity.

Here are the 10 questions the festival will answer:

  • How can you infiltrate popular culture and stay relevant at scale?
  • How do we strike the right balance between purpose and profit?
  • How can creative strategy build brands to drive performance and growth?
  • How can modern technologies improve the art of storytelling?
  • How do we use creativity to drive exceptional consumer experiences?
  • What creative business models thrive in a direct consumer world?
  • How can we drive diversity of thought to deliver more positive and better work?
  • How can creativity deliver competitive advantage in the long and short term?
  • How can we meet consumers wherever they are in both physical and digital world?
  • How do we fix the issue of trust, ethics and transparency in creative marketing communication?

Who will be speaking at this event?

There are many speakers at this event over the five days. There are big names like Alfonso Cuarón (Mexican film director), Shonda Rhimes (American television producer), Dwayne Wade (American basketball player), John Legend (singer-songwriter), Kerry Washington (American actress), Steven Pinker (Harvard Professor). This is only a handful of people! Why not take a look at who else will be there.

How much are tickets?

There is a wide range of passes with prices ranging from £359 to £22,810 so as you can see, this is a premium event with A-Listers attending! However, if this is not in your price range and you do not have the time to attend then there is a digital pass available for £173. If you were to get this pass you can access 8 mainstage talks a day, the award show and curated content. This is available for 2 weeks, either watch it live or on demand.

What has this event got to do with Takeaway Packaging?

Now this is something you may have been thinking when reading this blog, so let us explain. Now you may have heard of a company called Spotify – they are a Swedish media-services provider founded in 2006. There primary business is its audio streaming platform that provides DRM-protected music and podcasts from record labels and media companies.

We created a 4oz Single Wall Cup, a 3oz Ice Cream Tub and an 8oz Double Wall Cup, all of which are PLA material, making them fully recyclable and compostable. PLA stands for polylactic acid and it is a vegetable-based plastic material consisting of renewable materials. We were given three different sets of artwork for each product made, which is they there ids a slight difference in colour.

How long did it take to produce?

All three of these products were created in 20 days and have a minimum order of 1,000 units (when branding them) and the turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. So if you are interested in creating your own branded packaging then give us a call 01753 655344 or email us at [email protected].

Was the customer happy with the final product?

They were extremely happy as we were able to create the goods within a short amount of time and we were able to ship them to Cannes with plenty of time to spare.

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Who would have thought an Energy Company would need Ice Cream Tubs?

Working as a packaging company we work with so many different customer’s, but we never thought an energy company would need Ice Cream Tubs! Did you? We were shocked at first but at the end of the day we are here to help anyone looking for branded packaging, so if you are looking for some, then give us a call.

How long did these tubs take to make?

These tubs had a very small turn around time, once we have artwork the tubs were delivered within 2 weeks and were made in time for their deadline. This was an order for 1,000 tubs which is our minimum order for branded tubs.

Was the customer satisfied with the tubs?

Yes, they were delighted and they left us a review on Facebook expressing their happines. It said “Great service and fast delivery! Will definitely order from them again!” Our aim is to match our customers initial ideas to the best we can. This was one of many occasions where we achieved this goal.

Do I need my own artwork to create branded tubs?

No absolutely not, we have an amazing in-house design team that can create artwork for you! Simply explain what you want them to look like and let us do our magic.

Interested in creating your own?

Get in touch today and talk to our team about branded packaging. Call us on 01753 655344 or email us on [email protected].

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Royal Collection Trust Ice Cream Tubs

We have been working alongside the Royal Trust Collection to create a unique PLA ice cream tub to be given out in their wonderful ice cream trucks. This has been an ongoing project, and we are so pleased with the outcome and wanted to share it with all of you.

What are the tubs made of?

The ice cream tubs are made of PLA material, making them fully recyclable and compostable. PLA stands for polylactic acid and it is a vegetable-based plastic material consisting of renewable materials. However, even though they are PLA they are not shiny, they have a lovely matt finish to them.

Where will I find these tubs?

These tubs are going to be used to serve ice cream from the trucks placed around Windsor Castle and St James’s Palace. There is a 3oz and a 5oz ice tub, so you can either have 1 scoop or if you are feeling hungry get 2 or 3 with lots of toppings of course. Our favourite is a strawberry swirl with oreo pieces and white chocolate sauce on top, hmmm!

Who do I contact to create my own tubs?

You can either give us a call or send us an email. We love to create tubs like these or add custom food packaging stickers, the end product makes it all worthwhile. Our tubs are manufactured from heavyweight paperboard and are coated with PE on the interior (but can also be coated on the exterior). PE coating is proven to be an ideal barrier against frost, liquid and condensation. All printed ice cream tubs are produced to your specific requirements. But like the Royal Collection Trust, we can make them in PLA if requested.

So, if you are interested in making your own tubs just like this then give us a call and kick-start your summer with colour-branded ice cream tubs that people will remember!

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