Compostable Coffee Cups ‘Made from Plants’
Cups Made From Plants

We are sure by now you have seen our range of compostable coffee cups ‘Made from Plants’. The clue is in the name, these cups are made from plants!

Our paper is sourced from responsibly managed forests. We line the paper with Ingeo™ bioplastic. This lining is produced from a naturally occurring material in plants and has a significantly lower carbon footprint than the fossil fuel-based polymers that generally line packaging.

This innovation of turning plants into plastic allows us to exclude non-renewable resources (such as oil) from the production of EcoCups.
See how these cups compost over time? Standard plastic-based cups are not degradable and will not compost like these cups.

Ecoware EcoCups - Takeaway Packaging
Cups Made From Plants

This double wall range of compostable coffee cups by Ecoware is fully biodegradable, recyclable and compostable – and they look great too!

“Made from Plants” Double Wall EcoCup

Like these cups? You can purchase them online now! If you’re looking for more than cups that’s fine, we have a full range of food & drink packaging available.

If you’re interested in bespoke biodegradable cups, we can brand them with your artwork and logos, get in touch with us to find out more or visit our design service page. When you opt for bespoke packaging, this puts you in control of all factors of your packaging, including size, style and colours.

This also gives you the opportunity to take an eco-friendly approach and make your packaging future friendly!

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10 Facts About Coffee: UK Coffee Week 2018

To continue celebrating UK Coffee Week, we’ve compiled our top 10 global coffee facts! Let us know what you think.

  1. Coffee is the second most traded commodity globally. There are around 25 million farmers around the world producing coffee.
  2. Shepherds in Ethiopia discovered coffee in circa 800 A.D.
  3. There are two different types of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is the most popular. Robusta is slightly more bitter and has twice as much caffeine.
  4. 80% of people who visit coffee shops in the UK do so at least once a week.
  5. It takes around 42 coffee beans to make an espresso
  6. In the UK, we drink around 95 million cups of coffee every day. Two billion cups of coffee are consumed globally per day.
  7. South and Central America produce around two thirds of the world’s coffee supply.
  8. The official International Coffee Day falls on the 1st of October.
  9. Coffee was first known in Europe as ‘Arabian Wine’
  10. The Netherlands is the world’s largest (per capita) consumer of coffee, averaging 2.4 cups of coffee per person, per day.

What is UK Coffee Week?

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Engaging your customers: 5 Amusing Uses for Paper Coffee Cups
Ecoware 5 - Takeaway Packaging

There are so many ways to have fun with paper cups & get your customers involved. Branded paper cups prove an effective method of spreading brand awareness and increasing online engagement. Just think of how many coffee cup images you see on Instagram every day! There are even dedicated hashtags to the cause….

1. Create your own (in-store)
Paper cups can be used as a creative way of keeping children entertained in coffee shops. Providing you have some crayons & pencils available, try getting the kids to design their very own paper cups. This is a great option if you’re looking to increase engagement, both online and in-house.

2. Make your own Maracas’
Encourage visitors to create their own maracas using two paper coffee cups and a handful of coffee beans! This is ideal for themed cafes. Take full advantage of this the next time your hosting a live band!

Cobbs Cup - Takeaway Cups
3. Create a buzz (pun intended!)
Everyone loves a free drink. Add stickers to the bottom of your branded paper cups. Any lucky customers who find the stickers get a free drink. Simple!

EcoCups - Ecoware -Takeaway Packaging
EcoCups by Ecoware

4. The Cup Game
Set up a stand outside of your store to get customers flocking! No one can resist a talented cup maestro, and it will look great on your social media.
View this video for full instructions and tips.

5. Find the Coffee Bean
It’s simple. Three cups. One coffee bean. If your customers find the bean… you owe them a free drink!

Looking into branding your paper cups? We have a variety of paper cups to choose from, get in touch with us or view our range online.

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Our 4 Simple Steps to a Greener Future
Takeaway Packaging - Ecoware

We are very aware of the overwhelming need to use and produce sustainable and environmentally friendly food packaging. Here’s our top 4 solutions to environmentally friendly packaging.


SOS Grab Bag

Paper bags – Just as handy as plastic bags, only these bags are fully recyclable! Available in a range of styles and sizes, we can even brand them with vegetable based inks.


Compostable Cup - Cobbs Farm

PLA Cups – The compostable cup is without doubt the perfect choice for environmentally conscious brands. Compostable paper coffee cups can be manufactured in either single or double wall and are lined with PLA, meaning that they are completely compostable/recyclable.

It is often thought that standard paper coffee cups can be recycled, but due to their PE lining, this is not the case, in fact they can only be recycled by specialized facilities.


Ecoware - Takeaway Packaging

Paper Straws – Fully compostable & biodegradable, these straws can be branded with your artwork, and will be made in your desired sizes, colours and quantity. We print paper straws with food safe vegetable inks.

Curly Straws – Our Curly Straws are reusable and can incorporate a clip-on accessory for branding purposes, these are ideal for use with children as they can collect the clip-ons and take the straws home.

PLA Straws – PLA, short for ‘Polylactic Acid’ is made from renewable resources, such as corn starch & sugar cane. These straws are fully biodegradable and have the appearance of plastic.


Follow in the footsteps of major chains like Wetherspoons and implement a policy on your packaging! This pub chain has introduced a new policy to cut down plastic straw usage, they will now only give straws out if requested. It’s an excellent idea!

Not only will this cut down overall usage by a major chunk – it will also save you a few pennies!

Environmental consultants Eunomia have estimated that leading supermarket chains are a major contributor to this issue – producing more than 800,000 tonnes each year! Let’s do something about it. #TakeawayPackagingForChange

Click the products below to enquire about compostable food packaging.




Read about our partnership with Ecoware.

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4 Packaging Design Trends of 2018
coffee cups of the future

The new year is upon us, time to make changes to your packaging for 2018.

Through a combination of our extensive industry knowledge (Takeaway-Packaging-inner-genius) and consulting a very large crystal ball in our office, we’ve been considering what will be in store for takeaway packaging in the next 12 months.

This article will tell you everything you need to know to have the trendiest packaging going!

In short, we’ve compiled the four major trends that are set to catch the eye of your customers in 2018. Here’s a run-down of creative ideas for those purchasing takeaway packaging which will ensure your packaging stays bang-on trend and ahead of the game.


Nostalgia – Old Fashioned & Retro Packaging

It’s not hard to notice the huge wave of throwback design currently happening.

All of a sudden shell suits, knitting, flares and dodgy hair is back in fashion and while that’s going on everyone is sipping ‘craft’ gin or prohibition-style cocktails. There’s still an insatiable appetite and desire to indulge in a bygone era.

People yearn for the past because they are seeking greater individuality which existed in times of less competition. You should aim to pander to this feeling.

Is it, perhaps, that what we’re all searching for is some integrity in our product choices and what we consume? Maybe a side-step from mass-produced crowded markets?

Nowadays many of us favour the ornate, we look for craftsmanship, the handmade and skilled approach.

This is showing no signs of slowing in the 12 months to come.

It’s this consumer preference that really encourages the personality of a brand to come to the fore. Companies must differentiate themselves and display their personalities through patterns and detailing on their packaging.

Let’s not forget, care and attention to detail on the packaging speaks volumes about the deliciousness of the food or drink on the inside. Do judge a falafel wrap by its packaging!

Stuck for ideas? Think paisley print, Dickensian sideburns, pictures of bicycles and moustaches.

Old fashioned coffee print
Awesome coffee cup

Textured Packaging & Labels

Texture on packaging and labelling is soaring in popularity and demand. This is because it includes other sensory feelings before contact is even made with the packaging contents.

In many cases texture plays a vital role in both style and function.

A perfect example of this and one that is guaranteed to set off your hot drinks on the right track in January is our very own Executive Paper Coffee Cups.
These use an eye-catching, trend-setting, two-tone grid design and ultra-firm ribbing which looks and feels great, even before you’ve tried the coffee!

Emboss, deboss, textured paper, textiles, whatever you choose, it’s bound to get bigger in the new year.

Check out our range of textured packaging.

Takeaway Packaging - Coffee Cups

Environmentally Focussed & Renewable Sources

Consumers and brands have become ever more environmentally conscious.

There is an increasing availability of renewable materials which also helps to promote their use. Those purchasing takeaway packaging can now get hold of more obscure materials such as wood fibres, shrimp shells, mushrooms or sugarcanes to replace harmful polymers.

Safe and responsible packaging is the go-to option for consumers who are concerned about the environment and who want to have greater control over their waste.

Of particular concern at the moment is the terrible issue of plastics in the ocean.

Last month, the Independent reported “around eight million tons of plastic makes its way into oceans each year, where it gets eaten by fish or birds. More than a million seabirds and 100,000 sea mammals die annually from getting caught in or swallowing the waste.”

To combat this the Chancellor is considering a tax on takeaway packaging with particular regard to single-use packaging. This follows the charge on plastic carrier bags.

Raising awareness is one thing but attacking the problem at its source is the only way that the problem will be resolved which is why the rise of zero-waste initiatives are driving the trend in eco-packaging.

Browse through our selection of green packaging options to consider how you can help.

compostable drinks cup

Minimalist Design

Our final trend spot which has entered onto the radar more recently is the minimalist approach to packaging design.

In many cases, we’ve seen a surge of packaging with ultra-minimal imagery or even the stripping away of graphic elements entirely.

Many brands are opting for a cleaner, ‘essentialist’ look which avoids noisiness and excessive information.

This theme is rife throughout the takeaway industry already and definitely looks set to stay as we’ve found that a number of brands want to customize just their labelling and leave the rest of the packaging plain, letting the material speak for itself.

Consider how you can adopt these trends into your packaging arsenal. A good brand and logo should cater for a versatile approach to packaging.

Get in touch for expert advice on choosing the right packaging styles to suit your company making 2018 your trendiest year yet!

Executive Paper Coffee Cups by Takeaway Packaging
Takeaway Packaging - Coffee Cups

Takeaway Packaging produce a varied range of disposable products and hot food containers, from straws to carrier bags to Takeaway coffee cups, all of which can be themed and branded – but have you seen our new stock range of Executive hot cups?

These cups have an eye-catching two-tone grid design and ultra-firm ribbing to ensure your fingers are not scolded. They are also double walled, which means they provide high quality insulation, perfect for any company that really cares about customer satisfaction.


Two Tone Gold & Brown Cup
Ultra-Firm Ribbing
Double Wall – High Quality Insulation
Eye catching Grid Design

3 Sizes Available

8oz  | 12oz  |  16oz

Discounts are available on larger orders, contact our sales team to receive a quote.

But we cannot forget about our wide range of Biodegradable cups. Did you know that, on average, around a third of customers prefer and actively seek brands that promote sustainable values? Given that Brits drink about 70 million cups of coffee per day, that’s a lot of sales that could be coming your way by switching to biodegradable coffee cups.

Interested in branding your Takeaway coffee cups?

We can brand your takeaway coffee cups for you with artwork and your logos. If you aren’t sure on the design, our talented creative team can assist you with all eventualities, from simple logo placement to full, detailed illustrations.