Advantages of switching to Eco-Friendly Packaging
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The Advantages

There are so many advantages of switching over to eco-friendly food packaging. Plastic packaging is currently at the forefront of criticism due to the damaging effect it has on our environment. At Takeaway Packaging, we are committed to driving this message as a business. We are encouraging customers to take some time and look at the future friendly alternatives available to them.

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Biodegradable Smoothie Cups, Shop via Takeaway Packaging

We’ve recently introduced a new range of completely compostable and biodegradable packaging which, so far, has gone down very well with the environmentally conscious business we deal with. Its important to us to spread the word about this range as not only does it offer a sustainable solution, our products are also extremely affordable.

Switching to compostable packaging aids in lowering your companies carbon footprint. Plastics can take up to 400 years to decompose, and some plastics will never break down. We use materials that are both sustainable and kind to our environment, Ingeo™ PLA being our go-to. Our products made with PLA will decompose completely in less than 12 weeks when commercial composted.

What is PLA made from?

Ingeo™ PLA is a biodegradable and compostable substance that quite literally is ‘Made from Plants’! The material is produced from naturally occurring and renewable resources found in plants, such as corn starch.

Ingeo™ has very similar physical characteristics to plastic, which makes it perfect for the takeaway packaging products we produce.

We use this material in two different ways

Our first use of Ingeo™ PLA is as a Lining. Coffee cups needs to be lined to increase their water resistance and deter leaking.

We line our coffee cups with PLA as opposed to plastic because it works in the same way, but the lining does not need to be removed in order for it to decompose. Being that Ingeo™ is a compostable and biodegradable substance, cups can be commercially compostable without the trouble of removing the lining first.

Coffee Cups that are made from plants ? Shop Online now!

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Our second use of PLA is as a ‘Bioplastic’. Ingeo™ can also be used to manufacture products such as clear cups, deli containers, and even straws.

These products look like plastic, but they are fully compostable and biodegradable.

Using eco-friendly packaging will add merit to your business. You are sure to stand out from competitors if you are the only one using future friendly packaging. Our eco-friendly alternatives give you the chance to shout about the work you are doing to prevent the use of single plastic packaging.

Get in touch with us today for a full consultation on switching to eco friendly alternatives, we are more than happy to assist you.

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We’re exhibiting at the Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo this September. If you’d like to view our products and have a chat with us, get your free tickets here and visit us on stand 1938.

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World Environment Day 2018 | Our Favourite Products
World Enviroment Day - Takeaway Packaging

We hope you all had a great World Environment Day. To celebrate, we have rounded up our top eco-friendly products – not limited to takeaway packaging! All of these products are future friendly and sustainable, let us know your thoughts. #TakeawayPackagingForChange

#1 EcoCup by Ecoware (available for pre order*)

This range of double wall paper cups by Ecoware is fully biodegradable, recyclable and compostable – and they look great too! We are now the sole UK distributor for Ecoware products, so if you’d like to purchase these – get in touch with us.

Ecoware EcoCups - Takeaway Packaging

#2 Allbirds Footwear – Comfort That Grows on Trees

Tim Brown had a vision to create shoes produced from natural resources – and he did just that! He teamed up with Joey Zwillinger, an engineer, to create a revolutionary wool fabric made just for footwear.

The footwear is made from…

  •  The Shoe: The material is produced from Wool, a process that uses 60 percent less energy than producing synthetic shoes.
  • The Lace: A pair of laces are created from one recycled plastic bottle.
  • The Packaging: Their packaging is made from 90 percent recycled cardboard.

Their tree fibre, “TENCEL™ Lyocell” is sourced from South African farms that use minimal fertiliser and are reliant on rainfall. Compared to materials such as cotton, it uses 95 percent less water, cutting their carbon footprint in half!

#3 Recycled Plastic Rugs by Fab Habitat

“Our company works diligently to create beautiful and affordable products for your home décor while keeping the most important aspect of our mission in mind – reducing carbon footprint on the environment.”

Fab Habitat specialise in creating indoor & outdoor homeware products made from recycled plastics.

Takeaway Packaging - Fab Habitat Eco Rug

These rugs are woven from recycled plastic drinking straws! Not only are they affordable, all products are coated with UV Protection and tested under harsh sunlight to ensure they do not fade. The majority of their products are made from plastic to help keep the harmful material out of landfill.

#4 D4R by iameco

The D4R laptop by iameco is the first future friendly laptop. When creating this laptop, they focused on the materials of the laptop and manufacturing process to reduce energy consumption and eliminate waste.

Iameco Laptop - Takeaway Packaging

“The goals in developing the laptop were:
1. Achieve a decrease of at least 30% in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
2. At least 70% of overall re-use and recycling of waste and
3. Reduction of at least 75% of fresh water utilisation.”

#5 Backpack by Onya

These colourful bags are made from rPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) material, which is what you get when you recycle old plastic water bottles into fibre. Each backpack is made from up to 10 plastic bottles.


  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Practical Handle
  • Zip Up Closure
  • Internal Phone/iPod/Radio Pouch

Like this blog? Read our Environmental Statement here.

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