Engaging your customers: 5 Amusing Uses for Paper Coffee Cups
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There are so many ways to have fun with paper cups & get your customers involved. Branded paper cups prove an effective method of spreading brand awareness and increasing online engagement. Just think of how many coffee cup images you see on Instagram every day! There are even dedicated hashtags to the cause….

1. Create your own (in-store)
Paper cups can be used as a creative way of keeping children entertained in coffee shops. Providing you have some crayons & pencils available, try getting the kids to design their very own paper cups. This is a great option if you’re looking to increase engagement, both online and in-house.

2. Make your own Maracas’
Encourage visitors to create their own maracas using two paper coffee cups and a handful of coffee beans! This is ideal for themed cafes. Take full advantage of this the next time your hosting a live band!

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3. Create a buzz (pun intended!)
Everyone loves a free drink. Add stickers to the bottom of your branded paper cups. Any lucky customers who find the stickers get a free drink. Simple!

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EcoCups by Ecoware

4. The Cup Game
Set up a stand outside of your store to get customers flocking! No one can resist a talented cup maestro, and it will look great on your social media.
View this video for full instructions and tips.

5. Find the Coffee Bean
It’s simple. Three cups. One coffee bean. If your customers find the bean… you owe them a free drink!

Looking into branding your paper cups? We have a variety of paper cups to choose from, get in touch with us or view our range online.

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