40x40cm Purple Napkins | Compostable | 3 Ply | Qty: 1,000


Commercially Compostable
Home Compostable
Food Grade
Plastic Free
Sustainable Sourced

1-3: £45.95
4+ : £44.95
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Box Qty 1,000              SKU: PM3845PURPLE

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Biodegradable Napkins

This is a new product that we have added to our site. Now when you go out to grab anything to eat or drink, you almost always get given a napkin to go with it. Now all of our napkins are made out of paper, making them 100% biodegradable and recyclable. We have many different types of napkins to choose from, and they come in plenty of colours.  You also have a choice of which type of ply you want. Whether it is 1,2 or 3.

Napkins is one product that most people tend to look at. So if you can add your branding to it then why not? Get in touch with us today and see how we can help promote your business.

Here at Takeaway Packaging we aim to help our customers with all of their needs, from napkins, to cups even food packaging so take a look around our website and see what other amazing products we have on offer that will go perfectly with your napkins.

Interested in branding your Napkins?

We can brand your napkins for you with artwork and your logos. If you aren’t sure on the design, our talented creative team can assist you with all eventualities, from simple logo placement to full, detailed illustrations.

Takeaway Packaging produce branded napkins in a variety of sizes, styles and qualities. For clients looking to brand and customise napkins to suit their requirements, we can print them with your logo and artwork. Many of our customers have found than branding napkins is a cost effective and efficient way of marketing.

Branding your napkin is a visually appealing way to promote your business and napkins are a fraction of the cost of other forms of branded merchandise.

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Home Compostable, Commercially Compostable, Biodegradable





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