Eco Paper Cups and Lids for Hot Drinks

Let your customers enjoy their favourite beverages guilt-free with our eco-friendly paper cups and lids. Benefiting from all the same characteristics and functionality as your average, non-sustainable takeaway products, our cups and lids stand out with the added advantage of being 100% compostable, recyclable and biodegradable.

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Best Selling Eco Paper Cups and Lids for Hot Drinks

Discover our best-selling range of paper cups and lids for hot drinks. We’ve got everything you need to sustainably serve your patrons’ favourite beverages.

Shop our single and double-wall coffee cups, eco-friendly lids and Kraft cup sleeves below.


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Sip in Style with Custom Printed Paper Cups

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Our eco-friendly cups, printed with vibrant designs, turn heads and spark conversations. Ready to make your brand the talk of the town? Order branded stickers or get in touch for a FREE quote. Let’s brew up some magic together.

Learn More about Our Paper Cups and Lids

Your customer’s favourite takeaway beverages just got more eco-friendly. We make our range of paper cups and lids with the planet in mind; that’s why every item in our range is plastic-free and can either be composted, recycled or is biodegradable. Produced from paper sourced from responsibly managed forests and lined with Ingeo™ PLA bioplastic, a naturally occurring substance found in plants, these coffee cups with lids offer all the functionality of standard cups without the harmful impact.

We also stock the matching lids for the eco paper cups in our collection. Our bagasse lids are made from sugarcane pulp which is a highly sustainable material and can either be recycled (depending on local authorities), home or commercially composted. Alternatively, we also stock CPLA cup lids, which are a crystallised and stronger version of PLA, offering all the strength of plastic while remaining biodegradable with a much lower carbon footprint.

You can also purchase Kraft cup sleeves to add extra heat protection for our single-wall coffee cups, or they can be used with cold drinks for added insulation on chilly days. Made from sustainable Kraft, our cup sleeves are completely recyclable and compostable.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Paper Cups and Lids

Yes, our paper cups and lids are crafted with a commitment to sustainability. All of the options in our range are plastic-free, and our paper cups are made from responsibly sourced paper from managed forests. They can be composted, recycled or are biodegradable.

Yes! Our paper cups and lids are specially designed for hot beverages and won’t compromise on performance. The Ingeo™ lining provides the necessary insulation for a comfortable drinking experience and keeps drinks at an optimal temperature for longer.

Yes, the matching lids for our paper cups are sold separately. We offer bagasse lids made from sugarcane pulp or CPLA lids, a crystallised and stronger version of PLA. Both options are eco-friendly and complement our cups perfectly.

Yes, we stock a wide range of paper cups and lids for all different types of beverages. From smaller cups and lids, perfect for flat whites and espressos, to larger sizes that are great for hot chocolates with generous toppings of whipped cream or large lattes, our range caters for all. 

Yes, you can! Our paper cups can be customised with your logo, slogan or unique design. Contact our design team today and learn how we can help you turn your plain packaging into an eye-catching representation of your business.

Sip Sustainably with Custom Eco-Friendly Paper Cups

Be bold with your coffee cups and show the world your brand identity. Get in touch with our in-house design experts today, and we’ll help you craft custom cups that leave a lasting impression. Request your FREE custom quote now and serve up success with every sip!