Create Printed Greaseproof Paper

Create your greaseproof paper design using our personalised preview tool below. You can add logos, straplines or repeated images to create a bespoke greaseproof paper that’s branded.

These days, greaseproof paper takes centre stage in packaging presentation helping to line takeout boxes and wrap burritos, paninis and fresh cakes. From a functional standpoint, greaseproof paper acts as a barrier between the food and its container. This doesn’t stop high-class restaurants and fast-food vendors alike from using greaseproof paper to elevate their offerings.

Whether you’re using greaseproof paper for protection or presentation, you can enhance your dishes delivery with branded greaseproof paper.

Using veggie inks, we can print your company’s logo, strapline or create repetitive patterns using images and designs. What better way to give your brand continuity while remaining sustainable?

We’ve got plenty of environmental options. Designs can be printed on different material grades, depending on your budget and requirements.

You can instantly view the expected results below or call in the experts to design company-specific printed greaseproof paper.

We create playful, popular and profit-inducing designs that your customers won’t forget.

In-House Design Service

Why not benefit from the takeaway packaging design team’s experience and allow them to create your own unique artwork, to compliment your business.

Sheet Size

Big or small, takeaway packaging produce them all!

Storage & Distribution

Once the manufacturing is completed, Takeaway Packaging can store and distribute on call-off for next day delivery as and when required.

Create Your Own Design

Simply upload an image below to view how your brand’s bespoke greaseproof paper will look. We recommend testing a few different designs, including your logo, strapline or even cartoon mascot to see which one works best.

Once your image uploads, you can resize, rotate and crop the file to get the perfect fit for print. Happy with your design? Fill in your details to submit an official enquiry. You won’t regret it.


All of your greaseproof paper can be printed in full colour using vegetable based inks, we use the highest resolution possible to ensure the artwork on your branded greaseproof paper stands out. Our design team can create professional artwork for your business or work with your existing designs.

Stock Products

Takeaway Packaging hold in stock a various range of sizes of greaseproof paper, available for next day delivery upon request.

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