Small Kraft Paperboard Tray

Small Kraft Paperboard Tray


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Compostable Food Trays

This compostable food tray is made kraft board and has a PLA inner coating making them suitable for both hot and cold food. The PLA coating is what makes this try so special, as it is leak proof, grease proof and fully biodegradable!

This tray is available in one size (120x80x45mm). Box quantities vary, order online today before 2pm for next day delivery.

The PLA Material

This Trays inner lining is produced from Ingeo™ PLA Bioplastic. Ingeo™ PLA is a biodegradable substance produced from materials found in plants. It has similar qualities, performance and characteristics to plastic, but unlike plastic, the material can be commercially composted.

Interested in bespoke food trays?

We can brand these food trays with vegetable-based inks. Our talented design team can create bespoke designs tailored to the nature of your business. Find out more about out design services here.

These products have been tested across a wide range of end of life options, you can find out more about these here. If you’re interested in larger quantities of these food trays, please get in touch with us for more information and to receive a unique quote.

There is a minimum order quantity when it comes to branding. However, if this is too high for your business then why not use stickers? Here at Takeaway Packaging we can create bespoke stickers to go on your biodegradable goods.

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