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So much of what we do is plastic free, this range is one of the few exceptions Fastpac is such a revolutionary product it is very hard to ignore.  

Let’s starts with the Environmental aspects, fastpac containers contain 30% of an organically sourced mineral Talc which means that there is 30% less plastic. 

This mineral brings many key benefits; 

– Substantial Energy Savings 

–  Reduce Carbon Footprint 

– Improves performance (Better thermal stability, strength and heat conductivity) 

100% of our internal PP waste is re-used to product new fastpack trays and lids. 

REUSE and Reusable. 

Fastpac is made to such a high specification that the end consumer, can clean and reuse it time and time again at home. 

Dining Experience. 

Every aspect of this packaging has been designed for take-away and delivery business’s by keeping food hot, fresh and ready long after leaving their kitchens. 

High Quality; Performance in all transportation conditions 

Large Range; Various size options in our range 

Storage; Stackable and easy to fill 

Leakproof; This is a premium solution providing durability, stability and leak resistance for easy transportation. 

Microwaveable; Food can be directly re-heated in the packaging 

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16 x 16 x 4cm

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PP Plastic (30% Recycled Content)

End of Life

100% Recyclable

Box Qty

150 Sets

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