4″ Green Compostable Ice Cream Spoons | Qty: 2,000


Commercially Compostable
Food Grade
Plastic Free
Sustainable Sourced

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4+ : £50.95
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Box Qty 2,000              SKU: TP4016

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Biodegradable Ice Cream Spoons

Our new range of Bioplastic EcoCutlery is a more sustainable alternative to standard, oil-based cutlery. These white Spoon are 10cm in size and are perfect for all sweet treats. Printed on all of our Bioplastic is “Compostable” making your customers aware that it is not plastic and infact environmentally friendly.

They are made from Ingeo™ bioplastic PLA. The material has similar physical attributes to plastic and is manufactured to withstand hot temperatures. Ingeo™ PLA is the plant-based substance we use to create our eco-friendly packaging. If you are an environmentally conscious business, you’ll be pleased to know that this range has a carbon footprint up to 75% lower than standard packaging materials such as plastic.

Our Spoons are strong and durable, so you won’t have to worry about them snapping! They were developed with strength in mind to avoid the frustration that we have all experienced with cheap plastic cutlery, that is simply too weak to cut food.

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4" (10cm)

TP Code


End of life

Commercially Compostable, Biodegradable





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