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12″ Pizza Box

These die cut pizza boxes, are a staple in an packaging portfolio

Take Away Boxes are an ideal design for takeaway food or food deliveries, as well as many other items that need to be packed and presented uniquely.

Take Away (food) Boxes & Pizza Boxes can be custom made to any size with a range of handle designs, air holes can be added to transform into effective food boxes and custom take away boxes.

These styles of cardboard boxes are really tried and tested to industry sizes, depending on how big your portions or order is.

Raise brand awareness by having packaging that stands out from the competition, Dotcom discovered that nearly 4 out of 10 customers would discuss and share their experience if they deem the packaging unique. Any Shares on social media due to any takeaway packaging or delivery packaging is publicity even the larger brands strive for, even if you’re a small business it should be no different with this cardboard carry case.

Interested in getting a custom printed box?

We can also print our gable box to individually brand your packaging. Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your options on a custom carry pack.

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12" Pizza box


315 x 315 x 45mm

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Corrugated Cardboard

End of Life

Home Compostable, Commercially Compostable, Biodegradable