Takeaway Coffee Cups

As paper coffee cup makes up the largest part of our portfolio, this is the only section of our shop were we stock non-biodegradable options. However, they are recyclable. Single wall, double wall and triple paper cups all available in various sizes. We are committed to our aim of transferring all our customers to our EcoCups by 2021.

Single Wall

Single wall takeaway coffee cups are a huge hit with takeaway providers across the country. Got a coffee cup crisis? You can order these recyclable coffee cups in bulk (deliveries start from 1,000 units).

We’ve got all bases covered — these eco coffee cups are suitable for both hot and cold drinks. Want to spruce things up? These cups look even better when paired with our Kraft Cup Sleeves, which, like most of our product range, can be customised using veggie-based inks.

Double Wall

This product is packed with insulation, with its double layer providing added insurance against the dreaded coffee spill when handing out hot drinks.

Are you a fast food vendor located on a popular street corner? Catch your customer’s eye with these eco coffee cups. You better get stocked up on our 4 Cup Carrier too, as they’ll be buying your beverages by the bucket load.

Triple Wall

Our Triple Wall cups — otherwise known as ripple cups because of their unique, two-tone grid design — are the perfect option for the refined recycler among us.

If you’re feeling fancy, these eco-friendly coffee cups benefit from the highest level of insulation on the market. Their tone and texture alone are enough to persuade your punters to make a purchase. If you’re going for that premium vibe, go one step further and check out our Design Service for totally bespoke brews.

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