Biodegradable Food Packaging for Conscious Brands

In need of some takeaway food packaging? Here’s why you should switch to eco-friendly food packaging alternatives.

Our range of recyclable food packaging satisfies the nation’s love for takeaways (did you know we splash out nearly £30 billion each year on delivered dinners in Britain?) and helps to reduce the amount of needless plastic in our packaging. And there are plenty of ways we do it…

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Free-from Foodie Feasts

Serve up a foodie feast, including all the extras. Try our eco-friendly straws, made from paper and PLA bioplastic. Of course, you also shouldn’t forget your manners, so check out our biodegradable cutlery for a really refined dinner on the sofa.

Conscious Morning Coffee

Do you serve customers on the go? Provide them with their daily dose of much-needed coffee in a plastic-free, plant-based inner biodegradable coffee cup. The latte levy is looming, which will force customers to pay an added tax on any single-use plastics that are purchased. Don’t blame your customers — give them a free-from food packaging option that’s kind on the environment and their pockets.

Sustainable Street Food With Biodegradable Packaging

Looking to step on the street food bandwagon? The casual dining option has exploded in recent years as more and more Brits take to the streets for a bite. Join the masses of street vendors who are injecting some culture into cities with their vibrant food festivals, and make a stand while you’re at it.

Our hot food containers are completely biodegradable and compostable. We only use the best-quality materials for durable dinners, including virgin Kraft board, which is water-resistant, greaseproof, and sourced from sustainable and responsibly managed forests.

Eco-Friendly Eating in Style Using Veggie-Based Inks 

If you want to take your biodegradable food packaging to the next level with a daring design and bold branding, check out our design services and custom branding options. Using vegetable-based inks, we can print a logo, slogan or intricate design on to a range of our biodegradable packaging.  

We’ve found a way to mesh sustainability with style to remove the misguided stigma surrounding frumpy, free-from food packaging. As the Guardian points out in its article on sustainable design, “sustainable is not an adjective you would use to describe something you love.” But, with a little innovation, we think that could change.

Some of the market leaders in casual dining opt for our products — the country is crazy for Nando’s, and its commitment to sustainability certainly isn’t damaging its reputation.

The narrow view that sustainable design means stifled, standardised products is outdated. Now, you can transform our trusty base products so that they take on a plastic-free personality of their own.