Everything you need for a Coffee Shop Pt 3

We hope you’re ready for part 3 of ‘Everything you need for a Coffee Shop’! Today we are going to focus on the extra packaging items you might find useful for your coffee shop!

Tip #7 Napkins!

Napkins are a really important packaging item for any coffee shop! Whether you’re ordering bespoke or stock, it’s important to remember to stock up. There are many different styles and sizes of napkin to choose from. Here’s a brief breakdown.


Napkins - Takeaway Packaging

The ply of a napkin refers to the number of layers the napkin is produced from. When purchasing napkins, you’ll usually find that the napkin is 1 Ply, 2 Ply or 3 Ply. The higher the Ply the thicker the napkin.


The most popular napkin material used in coffee shops is paper. This is mainly because paper napkins are disposable. Environmentally conscious businesses use often use unbleached napkins made up of recycled paper.


A Slice Of Cake On Napkins

The possibilities are endless when it comes to colour. When designing your own napkins, you can create your napkin in as many colours as you wish and print them with your logos or artwork. For size, anything from 21cm x 30.5cm to 48cm x 48cm are available. You can also purchase napkins for use in dispensers.

Tip #8 Will you need some cutlery?

If you’re serving food at your coffee shop, whether it be cakes or pastries or sandwiches, it’s also wise to stock some cutlery. There are quite a few different options available to you for cutlery, find out more below



Wooden Cutlery

Hard wooden cutlery is produced from renewable resources and is recyclable and biodegradable. Wooden cutlery is less likely to snap that plastic cutlery.

Takeaway Packaging - Plastic Cutlery
Plastic Cutlery

With plastic cutlery, you can either go for a cheaper, thinner plastic that is prone to snapping, or you can choose a heavy-duty plastic (like the kind you’ll find in McDonalds). Plastic cutlery is available in a range of colours. Please note that plastic cutlery is not biodegradable or compostable.

Bioplastic PLA
Bioplastic Cutlery
Bioplastic Cutlery

Bioplastic PLA cutlery gives the same physical appearance of heavy-duty plastic cutlery, but it is completely biodegradable and compostable. View our range of Bioplastic Cutlery here.

You’ll also need to decide what cutlery items are best suited for your shop. Knives, Forks and Stirrers are essential, but will you also need Spoons or Tablespoons?

Tip #9 Bags anyone?

Takeaway bags will always come in useful if you’re serving food at your coffee shop. Here are some popular bag designs for cafes and delis.

SOS Grab Bag
Grab Bag

The small size of grab bags makes them great for sandwiches, cakes and pastries. As the name suggests, they are usually used for grab and options. These bags can be branded with your artwork and logos and are also available unbranded. Brand your bags online here.

SOS Tape (or Twist) Handle
SOS Tape Handle Bag
Tape Handle Bag

The SOS style bag is most commonly used by coffee shops, bakeries and deli. Its structure allows for small takeaway boxes and soup cups to sit level inside. These bags can also be branded (see above). For this style of bag, you can either have twists or a tape handle. You can purchase stock bags in a variety of sizes, or you can brand your own and choose your own size. Many shops often have several sizes, but this is entirely down to the nature of your business.

Tip #10 Cup Carriers & Sleeves

Finally, cup carriers & sleeves! These items are completely optional, but we do recommend you offer your customers sleeves if serving drinks in single wall cups.

Coffee Cup Sleeve
White Sleeve

If you are using unbranded cups, branding your sleeves is a cheaper alternative to getting your name out there. Sleeves can be fully branded with your logo, artwork and colours.


Cup carriers are handy for customers buying lots of drinks, they come in a variety of structures, see below.

Single 2 Cup Carrier

2 Cup Carrier

Dual 4 Cup Carrier

4 Cup Carrier
4 Cup Carrier

Like this blog? Be sure to check out part 1 and part 2. If you are interested in any of the products mentioned in this series, head over to our online shop or contact us.

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