Eco Friendly Packaging for Juice Bars Pt1

Our goal is to ensure that vendors using plastic packaging will have switched over to future friendly alternatives by 2021. Today, we are focusing on Juice and Smoothie bars around the UK. We know that many vendors are still using plastic food & drink packaging, this is why we have introduced our environmentally friendly packaging range.

Our range consists of packaging options perfect for Juice & Smoothie Bars, including Biodegradable Smoothie Cups and Straws.

Products Available

Biodegradable Clear Cups

Biodegradable Smoothie Cup
PLA Biodegradable Smoothie Cup

Our Clear Cups are manufactured from Ingeo™ PLA Bioplastic, which is 100 percent commercially compostable and biodegradable. We have 5 sizes to choose from, 7oz, 9oz, 12oz, 16oz and 20oz! Lids are sold separately and are available in 2 styles, flat and domed.

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Biodegradable PLA Straws

eco friendly juice cups
12mm Green Biodegradable Straw

These biodegradable straws are also made from Ingeo™ PLA. We have two sizes available, 7mm and 12mm. We recommend 12mm straws for thicker drinks such as Smoothies.

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Napkins - Takeaway Packaging
Green Napkin

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We can brand napkins with your artwork and logo. We print napkins with vegetable-based inks and can produce napkins in various shapes, sizes and colours, get in touch with us today to learn more about our napkin range.

Why not brand your packaging?

Branded Eco-Friendly Packaging – what could be better?!

Its always wise to brand your takeaway packaging, our customers find that simple things like adding your logo or even switching to products that incorporate your corporate colours can be an effective way to increase brand awareness and enhance your brands overall appeal.

Our talented design team have years in experience when it comes to branded food & drink packaging. We can assist you with your artwork, whether that be producing completely bespoke illustrations for your business or simply helping you chose where to place your logo. Learn more about our branding and design services here.

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One Reply to “Eco Friendly Packaging for Juice Bars Pt1”

  1. Hi there, i am very interested in biodegradable products for my coffee shop but I am very confused with the information that is available. Could you please advise me; How long does it to for a PLA biodegradable smoothie cup and lid to ‘break down’ and is there an alternative? For example, a paper dome lid (instead of plastic?) I get the impression it still takes decades for PLA plastic to decompose.

    Kind regards
    Sam Newsome

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