Would You Eat These 5 Incredibly Weird Ice Creams?

Following the flash-in-the-pan, hot, summer weather in April, we decided we needed to start a new summer tradition at Takeaway Packaging HQ: ‘Team Ice Cream Tuesdays!’

Needless to say, everyone was getting very excited!

You see, we like to be adventurous with our food, especially the Custom Design Team (creative types never do standard…).

As such, it wasn’t long before we were deep in discussion, exploring the quirkiest ice creams we’d ever eaten, licked or heard of.

We talked Phish Food, sorbets, gelatos, even frozen yoghurt (this was discounted on a technical front).

If you see an ice cream-tasting aficionado in yourself, then it might disappoint you to learn a fact about real ice cream taste testers.

They use real gold spoons in order to taste the ice cream 100%-free from any of the metallic after-taste that you get from ordinary spoons!

Haven’t got one? Don’t fret, grab yourself one of these – this one should do.

Now you’re set!

weird ice cream
gold ice cream spoon

So you think you know ice cream? You reckon you’ve tasted everything there is to try?

Well we want to challenge that with some crazy-sounding, jaw-dropping flavours that we’ve found while on one of our hungry internet-surfing sessions.

What follows is a roundup of the world’s weirdest ice creams and where you can eat them.

We start our journey in Portland, Oregon, home to the inspiring and much-talked-about Salt and Straw ice cream parlour, or, as they call them: Scoop Shops!

We picked out two from these guys…you’ll see why:


Bone Marrow & Bourbon Smoked Cherries

Food blogger Gina Vaynshteyn describes the flavour as “unexpected and delightful; slow-roasted and clarified bone marrow brings texture, flavour, and depth that has never been found in ice cream” (Bone Marrow!? Surely not…).

In their kitchens, S&S smoke Oregon Bing Cherries then cure them in spices and Portland distilled bourbon to add depth to this flavour.

Want to go weirder?

bone marrow ice cream
bourbon ice cream

Goat Cheese Marionberry Habanero

According to Salt and Shake: “We got our hands on some of the best goat cheese to come out of the Willamette Valley from Portland’s own, Portland Creamery.

Using our “Sweet Fire” flavoured chevre as inspiration; we churned out a tart goat cheese ice cream and swirled in ribbons of Marionberry Jam that has been infused with habanero peppers.”

(Psst…! We didn’t know what marionberries were either click here to find out that it’s basically just a longer blackberry)

Does the idea of crazy-hot chilli and goat’s cheese tingle your taste buds?

Possibly one to avoid if your objective is cooling down in the sun…

goat cheese ice cream
habanero ice cream
marionberry ice cream

Raw Horse Flesh

[Vegans look away now]

Basically, there’s a place in Tokyo, Japan, called Namja Town, which is an amusement park.

Here, you can buy raw horse flesh-flavoured ice cream.

Pure and simple as that.

Oh, and also Cow Tongue or Octopus.

Moving on.


Foie Gras

Guess what? A French ice cream parlour made fois gras ice cream!

Ok, typically French, but certainly not typically ice cream; the French ice creamery, Philippe Faur, spent 4 months in testing to get this one right!

Since they perfected it, it’s become increasingly popular – hop over to Toulouse or Aix-en-Provence to enjoy a scoop for yourself.

fois gras ice cream
strange ice cream

Fig and Fresh Brown Turkey

Whenever someone hears the charming and delicate melody of the ice cream van as it softly cruises along the road before parking up on a wonderfully warm and sunny Saturday afternoon, the cries and joy of children running out to queue up seldom sounds something like this:

“Gee, Daddy! Please, pleeease can you buy me a fig and fresh brown turkey ice cream with a flake!?”

Alas, New York City’s Il Laboratorio del Gelato have produced a fig and fresh brown turkey-flavoured gelato.

Now, on their own, these are perfectly tasty things to eat, so on that basis, we say ‘yes’ to this gelato and have no reason to doubt it is equally as perfectly tasty!

Next time you’re in the Big Apple, you know what to do.

brown turkey ice cream
fig ice cream

Can You Beat That?

And there you have it, 5 incredibly weird (mental) ice cream flavours to inspire your taste buds and broaden your imagination.

If you’ve found something weirder, or better yet, tried it yourself, we’d love to hear so drop us a line in the comments.

Don’t forget, we have an awesome selection of ice cream tub options for your business – get prepped for summer with us.

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